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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Experience an Irresistible Charm with Comparing Flights to Delhi
Did you ever consider taking a city break to one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet? Would you like to take a guess which destination we are talking about here? It's the enchanting city of Delhi! Sounds astonishing, isn't it? Known as the capital of one of the beautiful countries in the world, India, Delhi is the city that has, without a doubt, been catching the fancy of the vacationers from far and wide. This is because of the fact that this vibrant and interesting metropolis is extensively recognized for its great cultural and historical heritage. If we throw some light on its magical ancient times, they can be traced back to more than a thousand years ago, as there were plenty of emperors that had their share of reign over the city.

No other city can be more alive than enchanting Delhi!

There is something in the air that would take you in its charm as and when you commence your journey from one corner of this town. Taking a city break is definitely a worth for those who are having a weakness for digging deep into the times gone by. And some of the magnificent historical forts and monuments are the perfect examples of great historical architecture that have withstood the tests of time. Taking a tour in and around one of the majestic forts would make you feel submerged with the great epoch when several emperors were on the prowl trying to capture most of the kingdoms then and take them into their shadows.

As far as the present metropolitan town is concerned, Delhi has been dubbed as New Delhi as the other part goes to Old Delhi, which talks about the old charm of the area which has still been preserved for the history buffs. New Delhi is the area which is brimming with plush hotels, upscale restaurants, flashy shopping malls and the list does not come to a close.

Why should you compare flights to Delhi?

Everyone who's pondering about taking flights to one of the incredible cities in the world where every visitor is welcomed with a smile must compare flights to Delhi. There are varied websites that let the travelers do a detailed comparison among airfares so that they can settle for an affordable one. Compareandfly is one such website which is not only genuine and professional, but provide reasonable fares to the customers that want to make the most out of their holiday by taking discounted flight tickets to Delhi.

Some of the prime airports in the UK like Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London operate several flights to Delhi via reputable carriers like British Airways, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Air France and many more. Your flight will touch down on the Indian soil at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) from where you can begin your journey to the heart of the city centre.

Things to do in Delhi

There is simply no dearth to a number of tourist highlights in this alluring town which is simply irresistible. At times, you would want to be mesmerized by the sensual assault which comes as a result of something magnetic in the air.


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